Printing efficiency alongside your production line.


It supports the production cycle, is part of a product, and is a carrier of information. Documentation is a fundamental element of the manufacturing industry and its creation goes hand-in-hand with production processes. Our work approach begins with the analysis of our customer’s production flow to determine the areas in which product and process documentation could be improved.


Our goal is to provide you with innovative solutions, raw material savings, cost control and cost certainty.


Our “fabrication” of documentation kits stands out in this sense, as it brings together all documentation related to a product in a single package, typically an envelope.


User and maintenance manuals, operating instructions, warranty conditions, packaging of small parts and tools, as well as labelling, are delivered directly, as specified by the kanban or call-off planning system.


With the production form, we offer the opportunity to manage all types of information for product identification or its handling (id tags, packaging, quality control, energy label, various barcodes) in a single material support.


On our in-house Sticker Manager platform, we connect the key data of the articles with orders and thus produce the required sequence on the production line. The data is processed automatically and transparently and the platform can also be accessed via the multi-user mode, in various plants, meaning printing is also possible at the customer’s operational locations.



• Extensive experience and highly-integrated processes

• Unique projects that are customised to the customer’s needs

• Innovation in production-supporting processes

• Automated flow of information

• Clear optimisation of the customer’s documentation

• Guaranteed compliance with the Service Level Agreement

• Independent management by the customer

• UL standard for serial number plates and warning signs