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About us

14.500 m2

our covered production area

But it takes more than just enthusiasm to keep pace with production. You also need the right environment in which to perform at your best, with latest generation machinery. We are not limited to production facilities; we also have our sales and marketing offices, meaning we are on hand to assist you at all times.

260 professionals

Our team

A young, dynamic and close-knit team. These are the qualities that set us apart. Quality that every day is mixed with enthusiasm and the specific skills that each of us possess, so we can help you whenever you need us.

Information “in a year”

  • we used paper weighing the equivalent of

    870 elephants
  • if we unrolled the reels we could go

    round the moon four and a half times
  • if we stacked all the A3 sheets we have printed, they would be

    45 times higher than the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai
  • we used the ink from

    133.000.000 biros

More than print

We put our heart and soul into combining the art of printing with a more modern and innovative approach because we are “More than print”.
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Sustainable development

  • sustainable raw materials
  • reforestation projects
  • energy saving
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Reggio Emilia