Each sector is unique - we understand that.


Production lines, Kanban, production orders, product traceability. These are all issues that we deal with every day and that are part of our everyday life.
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The fashion world is where our wealth of experience comes to the fore. We have developed a specialised know-how in this sector; we know all its peculiarities, requirements, expectations, organisation and timelines.
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We work alongside the publishing sector in a variety of fields including education, producing different types of books with services ranging from editorial and graphic support, printing, binding and logistics.
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Mass Market Retail

Communication within each point of sale is fundamental. Exhibitors, totems, crowners, stoppers and shelf tags are all elements that every mass market retailer requires and can find in Logo.
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Furniture and Design

The quality of the image, the best format for photos, carefully chosen type of paper. Together they are the perfect mix for creating catalogues and communication for the furniture industry. Never go out of fashion, reap the fringe benefits.
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Food and Beverage

Italy is famous throughout the world for its cuisine and for the quality of its food and wine. Products that require packaging, documentation and communication, all reflecting the same high quality.
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Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

Full product traceability and top-quality communication. These are the cornerstones of our work when we supply customers in this sector.
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Tertiary sector

We don’t just print products and objects. Even if you don’t produce anything tangible, you still need to communicate, and we can put momentum behind your ideas.
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Consultation, designing, prototyping, production: we assist our customers through every step of their project to develop packaging solutions together
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Cardboard and paper products

The art of cardboard and paper products lies in the use of various materials and in the interplay of folds, cutting dies, grooves and embellishments
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Does your company fall into one of our key sectors? Is the sector your work in not among those listed? Contact us and we will find the right solution for you!

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