The world in a box


Consultation, designing, prototyping, production: we assist our customers through every step of their project to develop packaging solutions together that best meet their requirements and expectations. This includes aspects such as the choice of material, the shape of the box, the type of assembly and possible finishes to embellish their package.

It is important for us to deliver an aesthetically pleasing product that completely meets your specifications.

At the same time, it must be functional and fit seamlessly into the customer’s production and packaging systems.

FOOD PACKAGING AND GMP One of our core areas of responsibility in our packaging service is food packaging. Here our packaging is produced in accordance with the “Good Manufacturing Practice”, also called the GMP, for direct contact with food These are guidelines that we voluntarily adopted in order to produce high-quality packaging that is suitable for food. According to the GMP, materials and objects must be produced in a way that prevents substances from passing on to food. These substances include those that may: endanger human health; cause an unauthorised change in the composition of the food; or lead to the deterioration of the organoleptic properties of food.